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Green architecture and world trends

There is no doubt about the growing of sustainable development initiatives and the products are environmentally responsible. This obviously has a lot of impact to green architecture.


Green architecture on a global scale

Around the world more and more work from small scale as housing and schools to large-scale urban planning, urban development are sustainable. And it is the same both in developing new construction projects and renovation and upgrading of existing facilities. The good news is that green architecture is not only taking place in a range of national, regional, by involving green economy and global climate change. Obviously, green architecture is also on a development in all parts of the world.


To understand the importance of green architecture and evolution, its trends in the world, McGraw-Hill Group and United Technologies with the support of the Green Building Council and World Green Building Council’s US researchers working together on this issue. Experts have carried out indirect dialogue and direct surveys to draw conclusions plausible. Through which can be seen, green architecture has a certain influence on the process of design and construction in order to create the built environment more sustainable. At the same time, the development of the construction industry in general and public awareness also helps to promote innovation, innovative products and green services.


According to the study, construction companies and real estate developers have been shifting their business direction to green building, will be more and more green buildings than the current. The most remarkable thing is this growth trend is not an area that is globally in general. Since 2012 – 2015, the number of green building construction companies expected to increase over 60%.



Market green products

Green architecture development, so the market for products and services also need innovation towards greening. In the past year, there has been a lot of building global businesses report on their green product applications. It can be said, never wave of “green products” to develop today. As expected, this trend will continue to increase in the coming years. Thus, the product is not environmentally friendly will increasingly has no place and forced to replace the suit market trends.

In short, green architecture increasingly asserted its position and green architecture will be the inevitable trend of globalization, especially in the context of the world face the risk and increasingly brutal threat by turning climate change.

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