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Saigon Royal Complex

Located at 34-35 Ben Van Don, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Royal complex is located near the corner of Ben Van Don and Nguyen Truong To Street, Cau Mong right foot.

From the project, took about 10 minutes to walk to destinations such as Ben Thanh Market, Ben Nha Rong, Walking Street Nguyen Hue, 23/9 Park, …

Project scale Saigon Royal

Is planning to build on the land with 6669 m2 site, including 2 tower Royal Saigon General 3 storey podium.


4 Basement communication between 2 towers with 25 740 m2 area, used as a parking lot.

3-storey podiums including: Level 1 and 2 is the commercial center – services, Level 3 is Officetel and utilities.


From floors 4-7 of the tower 1 is Officetel, from floors 8-33 are apartments.

Floors 4-18 of the tower 1 is Officetel

Saigon Royal Apartments area from 53.55 to 176.69 m2, from 1-3 bedrooms with number 18 units / floors.


Highlights of Saigon Royal is a 5-star restaurant style Mediterranean in the ground floor lobby, Hanging Gardens of Babylon in panoramic rooftop Saigon. Overflow swimming pool on the 3rd floor layout and GYM room installed modern equipment according to international standards.


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Hotline: 0888808123